Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Organic, Semidetached and Embedded software projects

According to Barry Boehm, any software development project can be classified into one of the following 3 categories:
1. Organic
2. Semidetached
3. Embedded

It is categorized based on the development complexity. To categorize them Boehm considered the characteristics of the product, size of the development team and the development environment.

A software development project can be considered of organic type, if the project deals with developing a well understood application program. In organic type, the size of the development team is reasonably small, and the team members are experienced in developing similar types of projects. Data processing programs can be considered as Organic type.

A software development project can be considered of semidetached type, if the development consists of a mixture of experienced and inexperienced staff. Team members may have limited experience on related systems being developed. Utility programs like compilers, linkers etc are the examples of semidetached type.

A software development project is considered to be of embedded type, if the software being developed is strongly coupled to hardware. System programs like operating systems, real-time systems etc can be considered as embedded type.

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